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Free Birthday virtual greetings

Funny Birthday Ecards + printable Greetings + printable Calendars + printable Posters in 1 only click

When you make an ecard, it will be generated also a printable PDF file.
You'll get the "usual" downladable ecard media file to send to friends, and the new PDF file to print.
The PDF file contains:
-Calendars: current month and next one (Wall and Desk versions).
-Greeting Cards: bigger folded in half and smaller folded in 4 with your message.
-Wall Posters: portrait and landescape format.
(*) All of these prints are made from the artwork you chose and your text.

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Funny "Birthday" Ecards & Memes. You personalize the texts of our ecards, we'll generate your ecards files: .jpg for the still ecards, .gif and .mp4 for the animated/musical ecards. Then you download your ecards and share them on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. No sign up: totally free!

We got also these funny prints:
Funny Printable Cards  
Funny Printable Calendars   
Funny Printable Posters