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Yes, sending OhMyGoodness's cards is totally FREE. There are no hidden costs to share or receive our funny animated ecards. Every category of funny greeting cards you can choose is free, each funny animated ecard (or still cartoon) on our site is free to share and to receive.

No registration is required, no e-mail is required. We don't ask for any personal information, we don't need your personal data.

All our cartoons can become downloadable Memes Ecards, the animated and musical ones too!

Only 4 easy steps:

1) Personalize your meme ecard
2) Hit/Tap the [Generate] button
3) Click/Tap Download button
4) Open the downloaded meme and share it using the function of your phone/pc, same as when you share images/videos on Whatsapp or Facebook.

No more sending only the ecard link with a small thumbnail preview, you will send the real thing: the whole image/video with embedded in it your message. Enjoy!

You can "send" our cards by sharing them on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, SMS and any other social platforms.

No, we don't really need an app, we dont't want you tu fill your phone up, with just another app. Remember we also don't want to know your personal data :)

Yes: the Meme Generator...

All our cartoons can become downloadable Memes Ecards, the animated and musical ones too!
Differently from the majority of other online memes generators that can handle only still images with limitated space for the text, you will be able to add as much text as you need on top and bottom of the cartoon. Another difference is that for the musical cards, also its music will be embedded in the generated meme ecard among with your text!

We do it for fun! We have lots of fun thinking up the subjects, drawing them by hand, creating cartoons you can share and spread our humor..we also have fun creating the technology for our site.

We don't do it for business, we are not focused on earning money, we do it for passion, we use the website to exprime our creativity, infact we don't ask for your e-mail (we don't send you spam as other websites do) of course we invest money in hosting, servers, pencils, colors, scanners and lot of our time in drawing artworks and programming the website features... We have a few and very minimal adv banners, when you click on them (thank you!), it helps us with expenses. We are considering donations too, but the website will be always free.

While OhMyGoodness.com was being rebuilt in the current modern version, we have been running for years HelloCrazy.com, for this reason, some of our creations are still labeled as HelloCrazy. That website was dismissed when the new OhMyGoodness.com was ready and online.

Enjoy OhMyGoodness.com!
Biagio & Roberto

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