Oh My Goodness!




Yes, sending OhMyGoodness's cards is totally FREE. There are no hidden costs to share or receive our funny animated ecards. Every category of funny greeting cards you can choose is free, each funny animated ecard (or still cartoon) on our site is free to share and to receive.

No registration is required, no e-mail is required. We don't ask for any personal information, we don't need your personal data.

1. Change its caption (optional)

2. Add your message (optional)

3. Hit [Preview] then the [OK->] button, it will generate the link that you can share automaticly using our share buttons.

You can "send" our cards by sharing them on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, SMS and any other social platforms.

No, we don't really need an app, we dont't want you tu fill your phone up, with just another app. Remember we also don't want to know your personal data :)

Yes we got 2 special and unique technical fetures. "Talking Cards" and "App-not-App"...

- Our cards can talk!

When you personalize a card, at the end of your personal message, you will see a speaker icon, it will play your text message using Speech Synthesis technology. (you must have a decent/recent browser otherwise you won't see the speaker icon, but who will receive the card probably will)

So far we think, we are the only card site providing this.

- App-not-App

Our website is projected with the Mobile-First design, on a mobile browser it acts just like an app. OhMyGoodness.com has been built with te concept of being an "App-Not-App" (term invented by Biagio Maffettone). A website that acts like an app: for instance, sharing a card on Andoid or IOS (using a recent mobile phone), will use the internal share functions of your mobile phone, so, you will be not required to login, for instance, in Facebook web, to share a funny card, it will go directly through your Facebook app, the same on Whatsapp etc. It will just use the internal share library of your mobile, in case your mobile phone is outdated or an old one? No problem, the card will be shared using another technology. All this it will be completely transparent for you. We are very pruod to say we are the only one greeting cards site using this technology!

We do it for fun! We have lots of fun thinking up the subjects, drawing them by hand, creating cartoons you can share and spread our humor..we also have fun creating the technology for our site.

Basically, we don't earn *lol* !!! We don't do it for business, infact we don't ask for your e-mail (we don't send you spam as other websites do) of course we invest money in hosting, servers, pencils, colors, scanners and lot of our time... So, we have a few adv banners and when the users click on them, it helps us with expenses.

While OhMyGoodness.com was being rebuilt in the current modern version, we have been running for years, another website, named HelloCrazy.com, for this reason, some of our creations are labeled as HelloCrazy. That website was dismissed when the new OhMyGoodness.com was ready and online.

Enjoy OhMyGoodness.com!
Biagio & Roberto