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OhMyGoodness.com Story

All started because we had no money.
In 1997 two talented Italian friends: Biagio Maffettone and Roberto Mangosi, didn't have enough money to print their humorous cartoons on paper books, so they started making funny ecards from these cartoons and published them on OhMyGoodness.com. An American woman: Deborah Moore met on a chat online by Biagio, adapted the Italian humor to the American one.

At that time, the online greetings were at their beginning; Bluemountain, Americangreetings, Hallmark were the biggest ones. Those provided sweet and cute greetings, but they were missing the politically incorrect humor of OMG.
OMG was different also for the artworks: created by hand by Roberto on the paper, full of shadows, warm colors, very detailed, then digitalized and animated by Biagio.

OMG grew very fast despite no marketing campaigns at all, it was growing too much for the Internet providers hosting us; they were breaking the contracts with us saying the cheap fees for "unlimited bandwidth" was no longer faseable for us, because we were having too much traffic. But still we had no money for the needed bandwidth and servers, so we had to jump from a cheap hosting ISP to another, so when they found out that we were hungry bandwidth eaters they always kicked us away. Even if I (Biagio), did not like the idea, I decided to have a very few adv banners, so finally we started earning with advertising.
Keep in mind we started only to have a place where to publish our cartoons, we didn't plan to become a big online website, nor have such big success, we were not prepared: Roberto is an artist and I (Biagio) am a computer engineer with the huomor hobby.

In December 1999, the Washington post online mentioned us, saying we got more users than the Hallmark greetings website (*)

OMG, rank in the first 200 websites of the Internet for number of users (source Alexa: 1999-2000), in 1999 we became partner of Yahoo Greetings.

We got investors, actually they catched us. We had no idea of the finance world. We incorporated in US and finally we had the possibility to buy a lot of servers and bandwidth for our millions users per month. We also hired some other excellent Italian artists.

Year 2001, The new economy bubble exploded in our hands.
No happy ending for us. In 2001 the "new economy bubble" expolded, and our company too, it was liquidated. Withouth the investors money we had to discontontinue all our servers and the website too.

2002: OMG disappeared from the Internet and came back online in 2019. In 2004 Roberto and I continued publishing our amusing cards on another website: HelloCrazy.com discontinued in 2019.

The ecards market has became a small niche for nostalgic people.
Some big traditional ecards companies died (Egreetings, Hallmark just to mention some), others still survive, but they haven't changed in years.

Sharing content for any occasion or just for fun, evolved: content is no longer sent as link via email (too dangerous for spam and pishing). Nowdays, people grab content from everywhere in the Internet and share it as media files with their mobiles, via messaging apps like Whatsapp and social media like Facebook.
For this reason OMG now lets users generate personalized downloadable media files.

2019: OhMyGoodness.com is back!
-The new OMG is back online.
-Kept its unique huomor and artworks style.
-Always free to use (no trial, no subscription, totally anonymous)
-Navigable from any mobile and user friendly.
-Ecards generator to create personalized, downloadable media files to be shared via messaging apps and social media.
-Printable cards, calendars and posters.

2023: OhMyGoodness.com meets Artificial Intelligence
OMG is the first ecard website to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some of its creations.
The challenge is to train the AI to be funny, will we succeed?

(*) The Washington post article: read the article


We don't ask you to stick your face in our ecards.
Would you really want your face being ridiculized on the Internet for years?
Our ecards might smell, so you'd better not to stick your face in them: we get inspiration also in the toilet!

We don't profile you.
We don't want your information, we don't need to know who you are, nor your habits. We just want make you and your friends smile.

We don't want you to sign up, we don't ask you for money.
You can share our e-cards and memes for free and anonymously.

We don't send our ecards and memes via email.
Nowdays it is too dangerous for the receivers to click any link sent via email. Fortunately our ecards are media files, when you create an ecard, we generate on the fly your customized downloadable ecard as: images (.jpg), animated gif (.gif) and video (.mp4).
Your friends will feel safe receiving our ecards in Whatsapp and the other social media.