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Funny eCards - free animated greetings

Funny Ecards + printable Greetings + printable Calendars + printable Posters in 1 only click...
When you make an ecard, it will be generated also a printable PDF file.
You'll get the "usual" downladable ecard media file to send to friends, and the new PDF file to print.
The PDF file contains:
-Calendars: current month and next one (Wall and Desk versions).
-Greeting Cards: bigger folded in half and smaller folded in 4 with your message.
-Wall Posters: portrait and landescape format.
(*) All of these prints are made from the artwork you chose and your text.

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Funny "OhMyGoodness.com" Ecards & Memes. You personalize the texts of our ecards, we'll generate your ecards files: .jpg for the still ecards, .gif and .mp4 for the animated/musical ecards. Then you download your ecards and share them on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. No sign up: totally free!

We got also these funny prints:
Funny Printable Cards  
Funny Printable Calendars   
Funny Printable Posters




We don't ask you to stick your face in our ecards.
Would you really want your face being ridiculized on the Internet for years?
Our ecards might smell, so you'd better not to stick your face in them: we get inspiration also in the toilet!

We don't profile you.
We don't want your information, we don't need to know who you are, nor your habits. We just want make you and your friends smile.

We don't want you to sign up, we don't ask you for money.
You can share our e-cards and memes for free and anonymously.

We don't use cold computer-graphic.
We are fine Italian artists so "We do it better... by hand". Hey, don't misunderstand: we mean we produce and draw by hand all our ecards!

We don't send our ecards and memes via email.
Nowdays it is too dangerous for the receivers to click any link sent via email. Fortunately our ecards are media files, when you create an ecard, we generate on the fly your customized downloadable ecard as: images (.jpg), animated gif (.gif) and video (.mp4).
Your friends will feel safe receiving our ecards in Whatsapp and the other social media.